Daily Lunch Specials

Served ’til 3:00 p.m. All Served with a cornbread muffin
  • Brisket Lunch
    Brisket Lunch $12.99

    4 oz. juicy Applewood smoked tender brisket

  • Baby Back Snack
    Baby Back Snack $10.99

    3-bone portions, just right for lunch

  • Rib Tips
    Rib Tips $8.99

    A fun fingerfood, succulent and juicy

  • Chicken' Leg Quarter
    Chicken' Leg Quarter $8.99

    Smoked to perfection

  • *Bar-B-Q Parfait
    *Bar-B-Q Parfait $8.99

    A good marriage of pulled pork, bar-b-q beans, & coleslaw

  • Pick Two
    Pick Two $14.99

    Your choice of two meats

  • Red Beans & Rice
    Red Beans & Rice $7.99

    Red beans, vegetables, pork, and sausage cooked slowly, served over rice


All dinners are served with a choice of 2 sides and a Corn Muffin or Dinner Roll

  • Baby Back Ribs
    Baby Back Ribs 1/2 Rack: $22.99 | Full-Rack: $29.99

    Specially smoked and seasoned. Cooked tender and "good-to-the-bone".

  • Pork Ribs Dinner
    Pork Ribs Dinner 1/2 Pound: $17.99​ | 1 Pound: $21.99

    Tender and juicy all the way to the bone

  • 1/2 Pound Pulled Pork Dinner
    1/2 Pound Pulled Pork Dinner $16.99

    Tender and juicy all the way to the bone

  • Chicken' Dinner
    Chicken' Dinner 1/4 Chickn': $11.99 | 1/2 Chickn': $15.99

    Juicy, tender, smoked to perfection and finger-licking' good!

  • Beef Brisket
    Beef Brisket 1/2 Pound: $20.99 | 1 Pound: $27.99

    For all you Beef Lovers!

  • Double Meat
    Double Meat $27.99

    Choose your two meats. Comes with two sides and a cornbread muffin.

  • Triple Meat
    Triple Meat $35.99

    Choose your three meats. Comes with three sides and two cornbread muffins.

  • Family-Style Diner
    Family-Style Diner $49.99 (takeout) | $54.99 (dine-in)

    Whole chicken, 1 pound of pork ribs, 3-pint sides, and 6 cornbread muffins

  • Party Pack
    Party Pack $185.00

    2 Whole chicken, 1 pound brisket, a full rack of baby back ribs, 5 pint sides, and 10 cornbread muffins

  • Fried Catfish*
    Fried Catfish* One Filet: $11.99 | Two Filets: $14.99

    *Friday only special


All sandwiches include one side


Served with a corn muffin

Made with smoked chicken and sausage

Side Choices

All sides $2.00


Sweet or Unsweetened Ice Tea, Raspberry Tea, Swamp Water, Lemonade

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Root Beer, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper

Coffee, Milk, Orange Juice, Hot Tea

Homemade Desserts

Check out the “Baked Goods” page to order pies through our website.