About Us

Through the years with "grandpa"

As a young boy in Hickman, Kentucky, I (Lloyd Westbrook) watched my grandfather, Walter Smith, carefully select the special woods for the fire and the spices to be used for the meat that would result in delicious bar-b-q. Some of my brothers and sisters as well as myself learned the process and for many years prepared bar-b-q for the family and many people in the neighborhood in our one room brick pit.

Many years later I met and married Loretta who helped me with my dream of opening a restaurant. Together we and our children established Grandpa’s Southern Bar-B-Q in July of 1995 in Arco, Idaho. It has always been our desire that Grandpa’s would be a place to come for good food and a good time.

Experience Southern Hospitality

We want you to leave with the feeling you get when you are among good friends or close relatives, enjoying the time you spent making memories with us while experiencing a bit of southern hospitality. Over the years I have expanded on the techniques that I have learned from Grandpa.

I prepare the meat on “The Pit” and the side dishes and desserts are prepared using southern traditions from mine and Loretta’s parents. We take this time to say Thank You and hope that your visit to Grandpa’s was a pleasant and memorable experience. Hope to see you again soon!