Kind Words From Some Of Our Customers

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Folks say "word gets around" when you do something bad, or good for that matter. Well, "word of Grandpa's" has spread around the world and here's one from Switzerland. We're going to take this opportunity to let "Pascal & Cathy" know that when they do make it back to the U.S.A., mention you saw yourself on this page...and dinner is on us...."Thanks"
When you serve great food, back it up with great people, and stay consistent over decades, you meet people like this customer...she has been "comin' back" to Grandpa's since "Day 1" when we first started in Arco...and always finds everything to her liking.
A few years after we opened, "The Idaho Statesman" came by and did an interview with us, you can find that article here. Now quite a few years later, we're still serving up our great food to people that are "passing through", as well as "bunches" of local people. It's not just about the food, it's about the people...each and every one
We did some quick math. All the years that Grandpa's has been "Open". Being closed on Sundays, that comes to 6,573 days. We then figured we served up "at least" 5 meals per day over all those years. Well, that comes to 32,865 meals we have served up over the years. Of course there is the expression, "can't please everyone", yet we're wondering if this customer ate at Grandpa's or someplace else. Either way, we'd love for you to stop back in.
In June of 2016, Jacob Grant of Idaho Falls, the Property Management folks, went around and ate at every restaurant in town. From all the restaurants in Idaho Falls, they rated Grandpa's #2. Always nice to have something to shoot for....#1 on the horizon, and Thank You.
We're doing some checking into our "Advertising Budget"...maybe a big billboard in San Diego, California. It could say..."Grandpa's Southern BBQ...only 950 more miles"...we're sure Brent and his brother would enjoy that. One more thing, don't worry, we're sure Grandpa's will be here when you do make it back this way.