Where is Grandpa's Southern BBQ???

Folks are always saying, "I've heard you guys have the best food in town, BUT where are ya at?" We're pretty simple to find, "IF" you know where to look. If you don't know the downtown Idaho Falls "One Way" street maze, follow along and we can make it real easy:

We are located on the first floor of the historic Rogers Building, on the corner of "B Street" and "Shoup Avenue".

"B Street" is "One Way" from "just about North" to "just about South"....for you "out of towners" that would be "away from the river".

Follow "B Street" until you get yourself to the intersection of "Shoup Avenue".

The Rogers Building is on your left when you are at the stop sign, in other words at the intersection of "B Street" and "Shoup Avenue".

"Shoup Avenue" is also "One Way" and you're going to have to turn left when you get to Shoup.

There are two entrances to the Rogers Building.

One is on the "B Street" side. You enter from that side and walk straight in, then a quick right and left and you are "in the restaurant". Won't be too hard to find, you can smell our cooking pretty much as soon as you come in the door.

If you come in from the "Shoup Avenue" entrance, it's real simple. Just walk right in, follow your nose, and we will be on your left. Walk right in.

The Rogers Building

Street view of The Rogers Building in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Located at the intersection of "B Street" & "Shoup Avenue", it was built in 1937. It has undergone several renovations since it was first constructed, and now serves as a mixed use building, retail locations and office space, as well as plans for apartments on the upper floor in the near future.

"B Street" Entrance

The "B Street" entrance for many is more convenient. There is ample parking on both sides of "B Street" as you approach the building, so keep an eye open for a spot. Enter in through the double wood framed doors, walk straight ahead then a "quick right/quick left" and you are in the restaurant.

"Shoup Avenue" Entrance

The entrance on "Shoup Avenue" was the main entrance of the original Roger's Hotel. Enter through the double glass doors and walk straight ahead and we are on the left. There is ample parking on both sides of "Shoup Avenue" as well as handicap accessible parking spaces on both sides of the street near the front entrance.


Click on "Directions" below and Google maps will bring you to us!