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To ensure our pies are as fresh as possible, we require 24 hours notice for all online orders.

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All pies come boxed and are perfect for gift giving at the holidays or anytime.

Grandpa's also bakes homestyle, classic poundcakes and double-layered cakes.
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templatemo.comButtermilk Pie
A wonderful addition to any traditional holiday gathering, our buttermilk pie is sure to become your new family favorite.  If you haven’t experienced this taste treat, now is the time to treat yourself to a “mouthful of comfort”.  Miss Loretta has been preparing this pie “for a lifetime” with only the freshest of ingredients and the end result is something truly special.  Sure to be the most talked about desert at any gathering. This pie moves out of Grandpa's so fast you’re going to want to order more than "a few". Sweet Potato Pie
Grandpa's adds that special touch to this traditional favorite by creating this old time family desert treat “from scratch”.  No canned fillings, no pre-made crusts…everything used to create all of our pies is handpicked and prepared under the watchful eye of Miss Loretta to ensure only the best pies end up "in your mouth". This pie is sure to bring back those memories from years gone by.  Order 5 or more of our delicious Sweet Potato Pies and receive a voucher for 10% off at Grandpa's on your next visit.

templatemo.comPecan Pie
Miss Loretta has been creating this fantastic pie since before there was “canned pecan pie filling” around. You won’t find any of that in our pecan pie. Grandpa’s Pecan Pie simply puts all the others to shame. The recipe is so guarded by Miss Loretta that “the help” isn’t allowed in the kitchen when she makes this treat. Just the right amount of “sweet”, the right amount of “gooey” and that special pecan flavor so many “store bought” pies just can’t match. Looking for the perfect dessert? Grandpa’s Pecan Pie is sure to please.

templatemo.comPumpkin Pie
The perfect holiday pie, Grandpa’s Pumpkin Pie has been pleasing taste buds for decades. The perfect blend of spices gives our pumpkin pie a silky flavor that just makes you want to close your eyes, tilt your head and say..”yum”. The perfect texture, light flaky crust, and all those delicious spices, well, even “the help” has a hard time staying away from this taste treat. Like all our dessert treats, Miss Loretta gives this one a bit of extra love, making it hard to say no to “an extra piece”. This is a must have for the holidays.

templatemo.comPeach Cobbler
At Grandpa’s we believe in the thought that “why mess with something that isn’t broken”.  Our peach cobbler is prepared today as it has been for years. That’s what makes our cobbler so special, a perfect crust, that “old fashioned” taste, and more than a lil’ bit of love from Miss Loretta.  Add all that up and you have one of the most beloved of all the dessert creations at Grandpa’s.  Our peach cobbler will really perk up those taste buds, at the holiday times or just anytime. This is a limited item, please order early. The picture is (1) serving. A whole peach cobbler is approx. 10-12 servings.